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Taken from PWI Patch note

Elysium Village lies in ruins!
Discover the mystery in the new realm: Morai.

New Realm: Morai
Epic zone for characters Lv95+ and Aware of Vacuity Spiritual Cultivation.

2 New Dungeons await!
- The Murid dungeon is a light-hearted romp through a rat den. If you know where to look, you yourself can become a rat!
- The Endless Universe dungeon is a test of cooperation for any 8 to 10-person group (see below). Players must first complete the main Morai storyline to unlock this daily dungeon. In addition, groups comprising of 10 different classes will gain a special buff when attempting this dungeon.

3 new Orders
Each Order is a group of Moraians who share a distinct philosophical approach. They offer specialized rewards for every class. Players will be introduced to all three as part of the main questline. Speak to their respective Elders to join.

New Skills
New skill-books for every class have been introduced to enhance gameplay and balance. They are primarily obtained from the Orders' quartermasters.

New Gear
Morai hosts new sets of gear with 2 new stats:
Slaying increases player damage dealt by a percentage when combating NPCs.
Warding decreases player damage taken by a percentage when receiving damage from NPCs.
These apply to NPCs both in and out of dungeons. Neither of these stats will affect players in PvP.

New Emissary quests
Lv90+ Emissary quests are available and located in the new Camps in Morai. You must belong to a camp in order to receive these new quests.

Chimei Treasure Hunting
A group of Chimeis have recently befriended the people of Perfect World. Located in main cities, these Treasure Hunter Chimeis offer mid-level characters and above a daily quest to locate treasure boxes. Will you find a prized valuable or a deadly end?

The Lucid Chest event
This event is slated to start with the release of PWI: Descent and will continue for a limited amount of time. Look for these Lucid NPCs in the racial cities for prizes based on Level and Spiritual Cultivation. Refer to our news post on this event for more info.

New Venomancer pet
In central Morai lie the remnants of a long-forgotten elder dragon: Derjan. Derjan died valiantly to save his clutch of eggs. The eggs lied dormant and became fossilized with time, only to be brought to "life" by the magic seeping through Morai. Most of these fossilized hatchlings are tainted with spite for the living. Occasionally, a rare egg will hatch with an untainted hatchling. Will you locate and foster an Ancient Derjan's Hatchling with love?


Attack Speed changes
Once a player surpasses 4.0 attack speed, whether passively or via a buff, they will incur a -5% damage penalty as well as a -20% accuracy penalty.

Saber Rattle no longer costs Mirage Celestones.
Krav Maga no longer costs Mirage Celestones.
Seeker damage skills have had their damage output increased slightly.

Mystic pet summon skills have had their MP slightly lowered.

Squad Changes
The group limit has been increased to 10 players.
New Morai dungeons may be attempted with 10 players.
Current Perfect World instances are still capped at 6 players.

Players with a flyer equipped will automatically enable flight mode when Auto-pathing to a location with an obstacle in the way.

The camera mode (F9) now has 1x - 8x resolution modes for screenshots saved as .bmp files. This is in contrast to the PrintScreen button, which saves screenshots in .jpg file format.
The quest tracker now has scrolling and auto-routing functions.

Gameplay Fixes
The Psychic's "Ancestor: Sol" 3-piece set bonus now correctly grants 1,500 Soulforce.
Venomancers may no longer (under certain conditions) cast spells while in their animal form.
Fixed a bug where players were able to enable Caster Nirvana multiple times a day.
The Faction Base Guardian Trials may now be initiated by the Faction's Marshals, save for Trial 6.

Known Issues
Players level 1-29 can, once again, be PKed in Secret Passage. This is fixed internally, but will require a content patch in order to fix on Live. Please be patient. orz

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