About DemonStar Welcome

DemonStar is a level 3 faction based on friendship and respect. 

Demonstar has 150+ members between level 60 and 102. We have around 40+ lvl-80, 35+ lvl90+ and several above lvl101.

Friendship fun and respect is one of the most valuable assets. 
That is why people hold friends in such high regard!
We have ppl here from all over the world: NL/USA/Latvia/Lithuania/Greece/Germany/Italy/Belgium and other country’s.  

- In this faction we do FB/TT/FF/BH-59-100/Warsong/Worldbosses but we don’t do TW

Before you apply to  our faction you have to agree to the next points:  

1-   We are a no TW faction and NEVER will be.

2-   Only mature ppl and level 60 or higher can join DemonStar.

3-   Not only the high levels have to support the lower, but everyone has.
Ask support related to your level and if you can’t manage, ask higher support.

4-   TT’s are optional and if it are money runs, don’t disturb higher levels for a low TT but go in squad with an equal level as yours. 
Drops must be shared equal to everyone. If there are drops with a high value, sell it, make a screenshot from who played and share it equal to everyone after the drop(s) is sold!

5-   Don’t begg the high levels to support if you kill basic mobs but go in squad equal to your level.
Don’t ask what DemonStar can do for you, but ask what you can do for this faction and  support where you can.

6-   English is the language we speak in this faction.
if you don't respect that and don't stop to speak another one after warning you will be kicked from faction.

7-   Don’t start dramas, rudeness, offensive talk or religious and other racist discussions.

8-   Respect younger players and watch out what you say. We don’t allow swear or sexual chat, don’t risk it or we have to kick you after we warned you to stop it. 
We can live with jokes of course, just keep it clean...!

9-   Do not disturb higher levels to play your BH. They have already work enough’s in the higher ones. 
We recommend you to search players related to yours, and if you can’t find, go to center Arch on the BH npc and ask there.

10-  Activity is important, don’t dump your character here or we kick you. 
If you are inactive for a long period, 
post on forum or warn an officer please.

11-  Fun, respect and friendship are our goals. 
Never force people to play an event or gameoption (example: Nirvana, a worldboss, rebirth) if they don't want.
People are free to do what they want...!

12-  If you are bored ask what you can do for other players and don’t complain.

13-  Don’t make members nervous by crying to help you immediately. 
Ask if  they have time or wait till more members need the same quest! 
Say thanks after help, members appreciate that.

14-  Never cheat, scam or hack or we kick you.

15-  We don’t use ventrilo or teamspeak because it can destroy the factionchat. 
 Of course u are free to use it private or personal.  

16-  If you have a problem with someone, do not start drama or don't use factionchat.
 Whisp each other, and if u don't come to a solution, contact an officer for support please.

 Everyone has to respect and accept this rules before he/she can join us.

 If you won’t, don’t join this faction or leave us.

 Apply to Guild on this forum and contact an officer.  

Congratulations, u are now a member of DemonStar.
If you register, please use your character name please...!
We recognize you then better and don’t have strangers on our forum.

Thank you. 

Enjoy and have fun. 

              To Join us, contact:
Our Leader cleric: Miriel
              Our Director seeker: Blood$teel
              Marshal Psy: Norliom